Blog restart!

I have started blogging again! I will write with a new feeling, away from my past illness, so please take care of it!

If you think about it, it was a long illness fighting period. It was as long as 25 years. There was a sense of incoherence, and it caused a lot of trouble. I apologize here.

Now, I’m working on photography with a new feeling that is completely different from the past. I’ve also created new equipment for several series. I may be able to announce it in the future. Please come and see me then.

Today’s photo is shot by attaching a digital back called PhaseOne P45 to the Hasselblad 500 CM. Now, I am shooting many photos with this. It has only 39,000,000 pixels, but the sensor size is medium, so it can give deep and delicate depiction.

Mizumoto Park is about 20 minutes away by car from home. It is my favorite shooting spot now. It will be a little cold from now on, but until then, I had been visiting at dawn and shooting at sunrise.

Since some time ago, I’ve had no resistance to taking pictures of natural scenery. I’ve been following only the city scenery, but this is also a big change of heart.

I’m going to publish a lot of works from now on, so please come with me.

Then, let’s say “Restart”.

Isao Naruse

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